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Houdini - W's Up Jacket (True Black)


Stay warm without being weighed down. Up Jacket is a lightweight insulation jacket padded with Primaloft® Gold Active+. Wear it under your shell for extra warmth or as a light outer layer. Perfectly suited for skiing, mountaineering, hiking or everyday use.

Why is it called Up Jacket? Because it’s not a down jacket. Get it? But besides being free from feathers, it's also so light that it will never hinder your ascent. Perfect for ski touring, climbing or hiking. Wear it as a light outer layer or bring it in your backpack to stay warm during breaks. The outer fabric Spinner Ripstop™ is extremely durable for its low weight and will last for many years of wear and tear. The jacket is lined with a super light, breathable fabric with great next-to-skin comfort.

Up Jacket is padded with Primaloft® Gold Active+, a cutting edge synthetic padding. It has excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and great breathability. It’s also highly packable. We only use synthetic padding because we don’t want to steal the feathers from any birds. It also performs better, especially in wet conditions. Primaloft® Gold Active+ is made from 55% recycled polyester and is fully recyclable.

Up Jacket is the perfect choice if you are looking for a light and versatile insulation jacket. It will keep you warm on any mountain expedition or just a cold day in the city. After many years, when the jacket is completely worn out, please bring it back to us for recycling.

Color: Black